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"...because some women aren't meant to be tamed"

I’m worried I’m too shy/big/old/uncoordinated/weak to pole dance, how do I know that I’ll be able to do it?
Anyone can be pole fit! It’s as simple as committing yourself to step into the studio and break the initial intimidation factor! As long as you’re willing to take the first step and try a class, we promise you’ll feel comfortable and encouraged from start to end, and you’ll want to come back for more!

What if I have no upper body strength whatsoever?
No need! A typical gym would not require you to be a certain level of fit to join, and neither do we! The goal is to get to where you want to be- your starting point is irrelevant! What matters is that you start in the first place!

How do I sign up for class and which class do I start with?
Visit our booking site, and create an online account, which will allow you to sign up, manage classes and payments, and more. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email and we will be happy to walk you through it! The best class to begin with is “Intro To Pole” which will give you an overview of what we offer! If you’re unsure of which to take, feel free to contact us and we can match you to a class that suits your ability and what you’re looking to learn!

I’m too shy for group classes, but I want to try! What are my options?
We understand that it can be very intimidating to take a pole class. For those too shy to start with group lessons, we recommend our affordable private lessons. These are also perfect for those with specific goals or those wanting to learn things that aren’t regularly taught in group classes!

What should I wear to classes?
For most of our classes, we recommend wearing shorts as short as you’re comfortable with, and a close fitting top. Skin-to-pole contact is necessary for many of the things we teach. Certain classes, such as Chair Dance, and Pole Fitness classes allow for leggings or yoga pants. If you’re not sure, just wear what you’re comfortable in! No nudity is allowed at any time.

DO NOT WEAR: lotion the day of your class, body oils, rings or hand jewelry. We do not allow any jewelry to come in contact with the pole. Please be ready to take your rings off during class.

I have a friend who wants to come with me, can I bring her?
Sure! Have your friend create an online account and sign up for whichever class you want! We require an online account for everyone who attends class. No spectators allowed, including but not limited to: friends not participating, significant others, and children.

Do you offer practice time?
We hold open gym sessions from time to time for our students to come and practice all the cool moves they learn during class! This is uninstructed time for you to practice what you’d like with your friends!

What about parties?
We offer pole parties all the time! You can have a memorable and unique birthday, bachelorette, or girls night out with our completely customizable party options! Visit our “Pole Party” page for more information, or contact us directly to learn more!

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