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"...because some women aren't meant to be tamed"

“Pole has made me more confident, comfortable with myself and my body, and more empowered than anything I could ever imagine. This truly is a one of a kind workout that shapes more than just your body. On top of that, some of my closest friends have been a result of me being around pole studios- it really brings women together.” – Amanda 


                                   has taught pole fitness for over 7 years! She loves strength tricks as well as freestyling, and can instruct a killer routine to any song (and we mean any)! She works in the pharmacy at Kaiser, as well as teaching for RockIt! She really enjoys painting and being artistic, and eating a lot of junk food! She has 2 dog babies, Emma and Daisy, who she loves more than the world! She loves performing for charities and absolutely loves her RockIt family!