"...because some women aren't meant to be tamed"

“Pole dancing has become my escape from the stresses of everyday life; it is my time to do what I absolutely love. I have loved to dance since i was little and I have tried many styles from hip/hop, to Hula, Jazz to Belly dance and Twerk but Pole is what has truly empowered and inspired me. It has become a part of who I am and I am very eager to share my experiences and passion for pole dance with as many people as I possibly can.” - Jeanette

​​​   is our incredible, student turned instructor. She started in October of 2013, and became addicted immediately! Some of her favorite aspects of pole are how it empowering it is and how the pole community is so supportive and accepting. She loves to teach, always encouraging a positive and supportive atmosphere. Her goal is to empower her students through encouragement, positivity, acknowledgement and trust. In her free time, Jeanette enjoys getting out trying new things such as Lyra, Silks, Flying Trapeze, Skydiving and so much more!



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