Intermediate Mini Routine

Are you ready to take your routines off the ground? Time to put your awesome moves into a mini routine that kicks some serious butt! We will throw climbs, inverts, and more into our intermediate mini routine in this class! This is a faster paced class.

Intermediate Pole

In this class we will advance onto alternative climbs, work on inverted moves such as the butterfly and extended butterfly, the fang, bow and arrow, brass monkey, pole drops and inside and outside leg hangs. 

**Must have clean invert**

Intro to Pole (Start here!) 

This is where to start your pole journey! In this class we will cover the basics of pole dance. You will learn moves such as walking styles, different pirouettes, fireman spin, martini spin, body rolls, leg work, transitions up and down the pole, dip spins, and front and back hooks! 
Beginners welcome! This class is for you!

Mixed Level Routine

This is where we throw it all together! This class is where you practice connecting your moves together into an awesome mini routine! The routine is based with set of moves, and we give modifications to higher or lower levels where needed- so everyone can take advantage of this amazing class!
 All levels welcome!!!

Mixed Level Variety (ALL Levels)

This class is for anyone who wants to work on anything specific, learn something new, or practice what you've already learned. You will learn something different every time you come to this class, it's always changing!

Open Gym

All levels welcome!! We encourage everyone to take this class. In our Open Gym sessions you will work independently to perfect the tricks/spins/transitions that you've already learned. This class is perfect for practicing your pole moves, getting a great workout in and having fun with a little pole play! There is no instruction during this class however an Instructor will be present for any questions or spotting purposes.

Pole Fitness​ (Work out!)

Our Pole Fit class is a conditioning class. It combines body weight strength training with the pole! You will get an awesome, full body workout while having a blast! The class begins with a warm up, continues to core, upper and lower body, and ends with a flexibility cool down. 
All levels are welcome! Get ready to sweat!

Sexy Lap Dance

This class is fun meets Sexy! You will learn slow sensual floor, wall and chair moves that will tone your abs, butt and legs. Classes will consist of exotic dancing, a little strip tease, lap dancing and floor work, creating a dance that will make you feel sexy and powerful!
 **Make sure you bring knee pads or leg warmers and some extra layers for you to peel off :)

Stretch and Strengthen

This class is for anyone who would like to increase their flexibility and range of motion. You will learn how to safely stretch your legs, hips, shoulders, and back while building the muscle and balance needed to use your flexibility. Partner stretches and stretches you can do at home will both be taught!

Beginner Chair Dance

You will be taught a burlesque inspired routine using a chair as your dance partner! This flirty and fun class is great because you can take the fun home even if you don't have a pole! 
All levels are welcome!!!

Beginner Pole
Our beginner pole class is the perfect class to take after you've mastered Intro To Pole. In this class we will cover more intricate transitions, pole climbs, pole sits, V-sits, combination spins such as the front to back hook. We will work on leg holds and different grips as well!

Beginner Tricks and Spins

​This super fun class is perfect for building strength and stamina while learning beginner level spins and tricks such as the Angel spin, Fan kick, Sitting V, Superman, Genie and sooo much more!! We provide plenty of modifications on each spin/trick so even the most brand new beginners can benefit from this class!

Chair Tricks

Our more advanced chair dance class! This is a faster paced class designed for you to learn tricks and transitions on and off the chair!

This is our climbs and holds class! We will learn a variety of climbs and holds such as a spinning climb, side climb, a basic climb. This is an amazing upper body workout while on the ground, and once you're climbing, it's an equally great lower body workout!

Exotic Heels Basics
In this class you will learn the fundamentals to dancing in your Exotic Platform heels. (This is includes walking,dancing and floor work.) We will go over proper balance, weight distribution and technique to get you on your way to dancing in your heels like a Pro.
 **Must bring heels and knee pads**

Flip It (Inverting!)

This class is a MUST for anyone who wants to take their pole dancing upside-down! Many amazing tricks require a basic invert first, and here is where you learn how to get up there in the first place! This is a great full body workout!
 All levels are welcome!!! Get ready to sweat!

Floor Work

This class goes over the transitions and moves that happen on the floor during pole dance. As well as headstands, forearm stands, handstands, floor tricks, flips and rolls. Leg warmers or knee pads are a must!
 All levels are welcome!!!

Intermediate-Advanced Pole 

The sky is the limit in this class! Learn moves such as the jade split, handspring and variations, iron-x, allegras, advanced pole drops, trick combinations, janiero, vortex and chopsticks, machine gun, meathook combinations and more!
Please have a clean invert on both sides and have mastered intermediate pole before taking this class (unless prior approval from an instructor). 


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